About Us

In 1978, owner Tom Wisneski began his flooring contractor career installing epoxy flooring. Much of his early work was completed applying epoxy floor coatings in big factories and large businesses, He continued this type of work for many years until he began to apply the resin flooring to garage floors in the late 1990’s.

It was in 2014 that Tom decided that more than anything, he truly enjoyed transforming garage floors, basements and other home concrete surfaces. He found that there is extreme satisfaction making a home owner say “WOW” when they see their beautiful floors completed. 

By using one of this country’s best industrial products in the epoxy floor paint category, Epoxy Flooring Specialists has satisfied 1000s of customers with a basement or garage floor coating that will never wear out.

Tom G. Wisneski - Epoxy Flooring Specialist